Hello, I'm Hi1p, and this is my first review on an SML Video. I decided to choose this episode, because I was so curious to see what would happen during this episode. So is this episode good or bad? Find out as l begin my review for SML Short: The Drone.


The episode starts off with Junior and Joseph making the words "Butt Hole" while playing a small glowing marble game which I found uninteresting. Then they get a knock on the door of Junior's apartment, and they find Cody with a drone that he wants to show them. So they test out the drone and while Cody is controlling it, one of the blades knocks off Junior's tongue which I found VERY gross. Now this is where the episode goes downhill. So Junior then decides to come up with an idea to record Chef Pee Pee taking a shower and they go in the shower and they start recording him. Now seriously, did they really have to make that scene?, because I'd rather find that very disgusting.

While the recording is still in tact, Chef Pee Pee notices the drone and chases it all the way to the kitchen. He then yells at Junior,Joseph and Cody to tell them why did they record him taking a shower, so Chef Pee Pee decides to try and catch the drone. Cody while he is controlling the drone , one of the drone's blades knocks off one of Chef Pee Pee's eyes which was also VERY gross. Now this is where I got really agitated. Then the drone finally explodes and that was a thank god moment right there. Then the episode ends for me there. OK, those two scenes grossed me out and I found the episode itself to be filler. I'm sorry Logan, but I did not like the way you filmed this video. I find this to be one of the worst videos Logan has ever made.

Final Score

This episode gets a 1.8/10 for Disastrous.

Last Comments:

You could have done better with this video Logan, you could have. I hated the parts where Junior's tongue was cut off and where Chef Pee Pee's eye was cut off too. Seriously, stop with the nasty humor Logan, just stop.

Date of Review: October 6, 2015 9:20 PM PT