Hey it's MamaLuigi22 here! It's my second SML review, Shrek's costume. Well without further ado, let's begin!

The Review:

This episode starts with Mario planning to scare kids on Halloween. Although I would normally say this is out of character, this was just after the death of Mama Luigi, and they were just adapting the characters for who they later became, I give it a pass. Anyways, Shrek dresses up as Mario, and shows Mario, who doesn't take it very well.

Mario claims only a retarded person would believe that's the real Mario. Then Woody comes in and thinks they are both Mario. Also I don't know why, but the fruit loops costume gag war pretty funny. Mr. Pig comes in dressed in a Star Wars costume, once again confusing the two. Mario makes fun of his costume, and Mr. Pig threatens to hurt him. If you haven't already noticed, Mario is a tad bit unlike able in this episode. Finally, Mario goes to get Black Yoshi. Black Yoshi threatens to shoot the two due to not knowing who the real Mario was, until he takes off Shrek's mustache and apologizes. Mario just gives up and goes out, leading Shrek to wonder what it was like if he was the "real donkey", which leads to several character replacement gags. And then the episode ends.

Final Score:

Overall, this video was just...meh. Sure it had a funny joke, but the rest of it was just boring, also Mario was completely unlikable in this Episode. This leaves me with the verdict.

This episode gets a 3.5/10.