The following information is the dialogue and story for Super Mario Logan: The Wacky Adventures.

Story Script

One normal afternoon inside the house, everybody's just doing their own thing. It's a nice and peaceful day until Mario makes a horrifying discovery that most of the gang's friends are gone, then everybody goes crazy and starts panicking over this! But then, Mario comes up with the idea to find all of their missing friends. The gang agrees to do this and so Mario,Shrek,Black Yoshi,Chef PeePee,Bowser,Bowser Junior,Woody, and Luigi set off for an adventure. Meanwhile, Bubbles,Mr. Winkle, Toad, and Craig the Devil are keeping them hostage.

Character Scripts


Level 1:

Mario- "I guess its time to go on another adventure, I have to save Tony right now even though he gets on my nerves."

Mario- "Oh my god, Tony! Tony! are you alright?

Tony- "Huh, Mario?, Mario! Its you!, You came to save me!" "Yay!"

Mario- "Of course I came to save you, now lets get out of here you stupid tiger."

Tony- "Hey! that wasn't nice!"

Mario- "Whatever, lets just,just, come on."

Tony- "Ugh, ok."

Level 2:

Mario- "Now that I've rescued Tony, I've gotta go save my brother.